Frequently asked questions

What sets ArbelNir apart from other companies?

In one word ‘commitment’.  We offer you full commitment when taking on your project; small or large, simple or complicated, domestic or international – from the initial planning until the successful completion! Our professional team has expertise and experience in the development and management of SMART agricultural projects, the ideas, the technological know-how and the level of management and supervision required.

Does ArbelNir develop or manage projects?

We do both! We are not satisfied with completing only the planning, the development or the professional management of a project. ArbelNir is committed to the project in its’ entirety – from A to Z so that our client can continue to deal with his area of expertise – agriculture. We take care to plan the technological solutions, to match them to the needs of the client and to guide them to their full implementation and integration.


With which professional sectors does ArbelNir co-operate with in Israel and worldwide?

At ArbelNir we believe in joining forces with like professionals to achieve our objectives. Within the framework of our co-operation we have partnered with agricultural experts, technology incubators, research universities and investment companies within the technological sector in Israel and around the world. Together, we join forces, share knowledge, develop solutions and bring to the agricultural world breakthrough innovation.

For whom are ArbelNir’s services and solutions targeted toward?

ArbelNir services and solutions are geared towards a wide range of end-users including those in the public, private and business sectors, farmers, agricultural farms, green energy and environmental organizations, municipal authorities and international agricultural organizations, etc.. Our customers are spread worldwide, from Europe to Africa and South America to Asia.

Who is the team of professionals working at ArbelNir?

From ArbelNir’s day of founding, we committed to add to our ranks the most experienced and talented professionals, particularly those working in the sectors incorporating agriculture and technology.  Working side by side with agriculture experts, ArbelNir employs experts in tech development, hi-tech, electrical and mechanical engineers, green energy and the leading experts in IT, automation, IoT and research and development (R&D). 


Are services and projects undertaken in Israel only?

ArbelNir develops technological solutions and manages projects in the SMART agricultural sector in Israel and globally; throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Asia. The company’s services are available worldwide thanks to its’ strong partnerships with agricultural, green energy and technical bodies in all corners of the globe.


What Agtech systems has ArbelNir developed?

The company has been active in the Agtech field for many years, during which time we support the elements in which we undertake from the planning stage of the solutions and systems through to their implementation in the field. We have developed SMART irrigation systems, agricultural management control systems, pest control systems, crop management application systems, spray drones, IoT based systems for crop quality control and more.


Where does ArbelNir perform its’ research and development activities?

Alongside the administrative function, the research and development activities take place in the technologically advanced industrial centre in Petach Tikva, Israel as well as R&D facilities in the Negev and Arava. In addition to our own facilities in Israel, ArbelNir co-operates our R&D with leading agricultural and technological entities in their facilities worldwide.