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Services and Solutions

engaged in the agricultural sector in Israel and worldwide a wide range of services and solutions answering to the field of advanced SMART Agtech.


From our deep understanding in the field of Agtech and the desire to match each customer with bespoke service and solution to meet their individual needs in the best way possible, our work ethic is and thus we operate in a disciplined and systematic work manner beginning with the first stage of the solution, continuing with managing the development stage and ultimately the successful integration of the solution into the daily working needs of the customer.

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Research and Development

At the foundation of ArbelNir’s activities stands a detailed and methodical process of research and development, which is designed to drive solutions in the field of Agtech from the seed stage through to usage stage – where the solution is practical and productive for our dedicated customer base.

Within this framework, ArbelNir operates advanced and well-equipped Research and Development centres in the centre, the Negev and Arava with the goal of devising, developing and apply new technological products and solutions in the field of SMART agriculture.


Throughout the years, we have been fortunate to work alongside respected farmers, agricultural corporations, hi-tech companies, environmental organizations and technological incubators domestically and world-wide to develop a wide array of Agtech applications and systems based on technologically advanced applications including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Automation, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality), Smart Farming 4.0 applications.

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Management and Delivery

At the start of the partnership with our client a modular work plan is created including budget, work schedule and the appointing of the management team. The plan is put into action immediately upon completion of the logistic framework in order to meet all of the agreed upon criteria and we meticulously manage the project during the research, development and integration phases.


Throughout the years we have fortuitously guided from seed to execution a wide range of projects in the agricultural field including SMART irrigation systems in wide-ranging projects in Africa, research and development of quality control management systems for agricultural organizations in Europe, development and integration of pest control systems for agricultural farms in Asia amongst others.

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