About Arbel Nir Projects

ARBELNIR PROJECTS LTD comprises a truly unique team of professionals; farmers, academics and specialists in agriculture and project management.  Our senior management team is proud to record an aggregate experience in agronomic knowhow and project delivery of over 100 man-years, globally.
We are proud of our passion for continuous self-improvement and keeping up-to-date with latest development in the agro-industry, thus ensuring that we deliver the highest value to our partners and customers.
ARBELNIR PROJECTS derives its values from the land, staying honest and true to the environments – we look to the land to inspire and drive us into a forever better cooperation between man and nature; our ultimate provider.
Our knowledge-base and experience is drawn from the forefront of modern agriculture, the Israeli farmers and advanced agro-technology. With this strength, we have widened our operations to a global reach, possessing operational experience from all the continents in agronomy, agribusiness and project management fields.   


ARBELNIR PROJECTS provides tailored solutions for agricultural projects, ranging from irrigation, pest and crop management to environmental and soil management. Our philosophy is to be a one-stop-shop, working in close cooperation with the customer from the project onset, thus being able to deliver precisely the required value-add.
Our careful project assessment and case-management processes enable us to pinpoint your key essentials and offer you a variety of options in terms of budget, scope and duration within each project.  
We work in accordance to clear KPIs which enable us to monitor the project deliverables together with you, and secure a timely execution with high customer satisfaction.
Our services cover:

•    Assessment and project planning
•    Agronomy consulting and support
•    Project execution and monitoring
•    Crop management and consulting
•    Procurement consulting
•    Training in irrigation and farm management, horti- and agriculture
•    Strategic farm planning  
•    Financial planning and management

‏Constant innovation

Extensive experience

Transparency and integrity

Meeting deadlines

Customized solutions

International connections

Fair prices

Profit oriented

For further information about our Research and Development services: ‏ info@arbelnirprojects.com