About ArbelNir

About Arbel Nir Projects

ArbelNir was founded by Giora Niv; entrepreneur and highly experienced in the Agtech field in order to harness his professional knowledge, his business acumen and the vast knowledge gained in the field of international entrepreneurship with the aim of bringing SMART tech to Israel and abroad.

To live up to such a declaration, ArbelNir strives to recruit the best minds in the Agtech field who work tirelessly day in and day out in order to plan, develop, deliver and integrate revolutionary advancements in the fields of irrigation, spraying and seeding, crop control, pest control, evaluation and analysis of environmental risks, mapping of agricultural areas, automated systems for various agrotechnological needs, technology to increase yields and more!

Each and every venture; small or large, domestic or international, private or public commences with an in-depth analysis of the needs of the client and the project itself, continues with a detailed strategic outline to fulfill the required execution and terminating only when the new systems or innovations are truly integrated into the day-to-day seamless running of the operation.


The professional service provided by ArbelNir is modular by nature, allowing each client to decide and choose which service/s they require from the numerous offerings by ArbelNir’s experienced and professional teams. Within this framework, we offer research and development, management and delivery as well as integration of the most recent advances in the field of SMART agriculture.


Our clients come not just from the domestic and international agricultural world, but are also comprised from the many different sectors making up the Agtech market including farm owners, ‘green energy’ organizations, municipal governments, international agricultural corporations and environmental organizations. Our clients come from all over the world, from Europe and Africa to South America and Asia.

Alongside our own strengths, we partner with a wide range of market leaders specializing in the agricultural and technical fields, whose strengths reinforce and multiply our own in scaling new peaks allowing us to offer our clients the most professional service, the most advanced products all at fair prices and shortened delivery times compared to the market average.


From the day of our founding,  we have been able to offer shareholders/companies and leading factors in the private, business, public and governmental agricultural sectors in Israel and abroad a wide range of advanced Agtech solutions in the fields of SMART irrigation, agricultural management control systems, pest control systems, crop management application systems, spray drones, IoT based systems for crop quality control,  terrain mapping systems for gauging agricultural potential and more.


The majority of the company’s work, from project planning through project management takes place at ArbelNir headquarters located in the technologically advanced industrial centre of Petach Tikva, Israel. In addition, the company operates research and development centres in the Negev and Arava which allows us to trial the advances in technology de-facto under the same conditions that the Agtech will be used by our clients and customers. 

‏Constant innovation

Extensive experience

Transparency and integrity

Meeting deadlines

Customized solutions

International connections

Fair prices

Profit oriented

For further information about our Research and Development services: ‏ info@arbelnirprojects.com